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TRACKLINE is LeghornGroup’ system for the localization of any company's resources on the go. Based on the latest generation web platform, TRACKLINE detects in real-time the geographic location of vehicles and people equipped with a portable or fixed GPS tracking device. Thanks to this platform it is possible to process tracks, getting detailed information about the routes, times, speeds, stops and all other monitored events.




€19.50 per month
The perfect solution for easy but complete and effective traceability
  • • Identification and location of vehicles;
  • • Route track&tracing;
  • • Reporting.


€25.90 per month
Advanced solution for tracking and monitoring fleets and assets
  • • Identification, localization, tracking;
  • • Reporting;
  • • Monitoring of events and operational and physical parameters;
  • • Alert Management – Alarms.


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LeghornGroup srl

Since 1978 LEGHORNGROUP S.r.l. has been manufacturing and selling seals and products for the safety and the security of goods and people, with a specialization in logistics and transportation applications. Building on broad experience and in-house capabilities for the development of products and systems, including fully customized ones, LEGHORNGROUP S.r.l. is able to offer a definitive answer to every security problem, and is credited as one of the leading European provider for high added value products in security. With operational and sales offices in Europe, USA, Latin America and Middle East and with its own Europe-based manufacturing facilities for the construction of plastic and metal parts of the seals, LEGHORNGROUP can claim full control of its products and a comprehensive support to customers, globally. LEGHORNGROUP S.r.l. is your global partner for every need in:


    PROTECTION – Protect your goods and assets with high security seals – including ISO17712:2013 compliant seals – and various products for tamper prevention. The company can create any technical solutions to meet client’s different requirements.

    CONTROL – Goods and people can be monitored using security products and integrated complete hardware and software solutions that allow operators to monitor and intervene in real time, even remotely.

    IDENTIFICATION – Automatic identification and authentication come easy thanks to LEGHORNGROUP innovative security products that allow users to uniquely and safely identify goods, vehicles, containers, animals and people.

    TRACEABILITY – Monitor location, status and movements of vehicles or people by using LEGHORNGROUP real time GPS tracking devices, solutions and platform.